Museum of Rhinebeck History

Publications for Sale at Museum Functions

The 128th Regiment, Civil War $3
The 150th Regiment, Civil War  $3
Violet Note $3
Olin Dows, 1904-1981 $3
World War I – Military and Home Front $3
World War II – Military & Home Front $3
Early Rhinebeck Industries $3
Rhinebeck’s Sporting Life (2002)     $3
Rhinebeck: The Parlor City (2004) $3
A Brief History of Rhinebeck (2003) $7.95
The Resonance of Sweet Violets $3
Antique and Vintage Postcards             Various
Rhinebeck Violets $3
Violet Postcards $2

sample postcard

Postcards have been donated by Friends of the Museum in order to raise funds. They are regularly added to and offered for sale at many museum functions and when the museum season is open to the public.

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